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Elegant Whitening Emulsion

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Elegant Cosmetics

Elegant Whitening Emulsion

Whitening Emulsion by Elegant is a water based whitening cream that's infused with instant whitening, anti aging and also it helps to keep your skin hydrated all the time.

Whitening Emulsion by Elegant works as a moisturizer and a sunscreen. With SPF50++, it provides enhanced protection against UVA/UVB.

It is also a makeup based which consist of Vitamin E & B3. And it's anti-aging too.

Benefits of Ewe

  • uv protection
  • instant brighter looking skin
  • wudhu friendly
  • hydrate skin
  • balance uneven skintone
  • anti pigmentation
  • reduce lines and wrinkles
  • double up as make up based and moisturizer
  • oil control, recommended for oily skin type as it helps to control your oil and leave skin moisturized throughout the day

How to use

You can apply on your face like your usual sunscreen/moisturizer. Then you may apply your make up as usual.

You can use for your entire body too, hands legs. Gives you the instant whitening and 24 hr hydration. Not to worry, it is not greasy.

Not to use to sleep as it may clogged your pores during the night which may cause breakouts. But you may apply on your dark circles and wash them off before heading to bed.


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