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Hair Pot Rebrew

Hair Pot Rebrew

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Rebrew By Hair Pot is one of our best sellers to grow out your lashes healthily!

Difference between REBREW (now) and BREW (1st ed)

  • higher volume content (5ml) compared to brew (3ml)
  • rebrew is a water-based serum that makes it lighter compared to brew which was oil-based! 
  • rebrew contains 5 active ingredients while brew contained none
  • rebrew is produced in a GMP-certified factory while brew was homemade
  • most important part is rebrew is registered with National Phramaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) (KKM-NOT: NOT210301189K) while brew had no KKM-NOT as it was homemade
  • thinner brush is BACK on demand! we listened to all your feedback, and this was one of the most frequent we got: “i want the old, thin brush back.” we hear you! 
  • rebrew has strong bottle quality, no more cracks no more leaks
  • no more stinging and discomfort in the eyes when applying rebrew to your lashes in comparison to brew
  • the proudest of it all: we are cruelty free. rebrew is not tested on animals (well, so wasn’t brew)! 

Suitable for

  • Safe for 13 years old and above
  • Safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding mummies
  • Wudhu Friendly (can be washed off easily as it is water based)
  • Compact
  • Can last up to 3 months or longer
  • Results can be seen in a month's time (faster/longer process depends on usage and consistency)


  1. Take a photo of your eyelash/eyebrows before using the brew
  2. Use it daily before bedtime
  3. Curl your eyelashes before
  4. Results can be seen within 1 month *result varies for individuals usage and consistency
  5. Not recommended to use on eyelash extensions as you might not see the difference as compared to when you put it on your natural lashes
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