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Haus Cosmetics Micro Magic Powder Foundation

Haus Cosmetics Micro Magic Powder Foundation

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Kina X Haus Micro Magic Powder Foundation

Haus Cosmetics Micro Magic Powder Foundation - A dual finish compact powder with pore control and excess shine capabilities. With SPF20 protection and with smoother powder texture! Full coverage at your convenience without leaving any makeup thick feels on the face.

It is a long -lasting mattifying powder, acts to control excess shine by reducing sebum production and best part is that it is formulated specifically for Asian skin!



- Zinc Oxide's ability to control excess sebum can prevent acne while transforming shiny oily skin into a perfectly radiant finish. 

- The combination of Vitamin C and Vitamin E works together effectively to brighten your skin, fade blackheads and scars.

- Squalene increases hydration and helps skin be and look healthier and radiant. Consistent use can also increase collagen cell production for more taut, elastic, and looking skin. younger.



Here are some ideas, just don’t limit yourselft!


- Use with a dry sponge for a velvet matte finish

- Use with a damp sponge as a full coverage


Here’s some skintone that you can refer to when choosing the color code:

Fair - Emma Maembong, Sari Yanti, Elvina, Izara Aisyah, Amyra Rosli, Nora Danish

Light - Mira Filzah, Fazura, Wany Hasrita, Daiyan Trisha

Neutral  - Fasha Sandha, Tya Arifin

Medium - Nabila Razali, Jihan Muse, Elisya Sandha, Yuna

Medium Sand - Dayang Nurfaizah, Nabila Huda, Kavita Sidhu

Medium Tan - Vanessa Reynauld, Haneesya Hanee

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