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Kembara Meals

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Kembara Ready Meals in ONLY 10 mins!

  • Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendang
  • Chicken Masak Merah with Tomato Rice
  • Beef Rendang with Pilaf Rice
  • Lamb Kuzi with Hujan Rice


How to eat:

  1. Tear off the pack
  2. Tear off the plastic (contains spoon, plastic plate and paper heater)
  3. Place all 3 - rice pack, gravy pack, paper heater in the main pack and pour water (there's an indication on the pack to gauge the amount of water level required
  4. Wait for 10 mins while it heats up
  5. Once done, tear off both rice and gravy pack and place it on place - ready to eat!


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