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Felleraskin Brightskinz

Felleraskin Brightskinz

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Felleraskin Brightskinz - A juice drink with a combination of 19 types of the world's best ingredients that helps to repair your skin from the inside. It beautifies and brightens your skin.

Brightskinz juice is formulated using High Quality Grade A ingredients which is among the best in the world. The ingredients used are safe and non-medicinal. It is a type of an additional nutrition supplement with fruits extracts which contains vitamins that makes your skin feel new and reborn.

Brightskinz juice is also very safe and recommended to be consumed by pregnant mothers from 2nd semester onwards. It helps reduce allergies, provide good nutrients at the same time it keeps HB readings good.

Its fruity flavor will get you addicted. In addition, expectant mothers who practices drinking brightskinz juice will enjoy healthier and beautiful skin. 

How to consume

Take 1 sachet a day. Take alternately with Bellrossa advanced jelly for better results.

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