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Elegant Night Recovery Cream

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Elegant Cosmetics

Elegant Night Recovery Cream

Night recovery cream by Elegant consists of 7 premium as its main ingredients giving you the glass skin effect. Hydrates your skin up to 72 hours from application and gives skin an instant whitening.

Benefits of Enrc

  • hydrates and moisturizes skin up to 72 hours
  • reduces redness and soothes skin
  • lightens and brightens skin with double effectiveness
  • anti aging
  • shrinks and minimize pores
  • strengthens inner collagen of skin
  • oil control, recommended for oily skin
  • prevents acnes, pimples and breakouts
  • treats acnes
  • soften and smoothen skin
  • makes skin supple and bouncy
  • no greasy feels after application

 How to use

Apply on face/skin as per how you would apply your sunscreen or moisturizer after cleanse. Best to use before bed time. May also use during day time.


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