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Candy Puding Montox Berry Stoberry

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Candy Puding Montox Berry Stoberry

Look better, feel better and be better with Candy Puding Montox. Helps with your all girly issues especially if you don’t like consuming jamu-like supplements.


  • Tightens Miss V
  • Firms up and enlarge boobs
  • Firms up buttocks
  • Helps with white discharge
  • Stabilizes hormones
  • Boost energy
  • Healthier period cycle
  • Detox and cleanse body system
  • Great for women’s health being
  • Recommended for women who don’t like consuming jamu


  • garam arab
  • kunyit putih
  • kucing galak
  • garam bukit
  • serapat
  • manjakani
  • kacip fatimah
  • glucose

How to consume

Take 1 candy per day. Drink lotsa water throughout the day for better results.

Suitable for

  • 13 years old and above
  • women only
  • breastfeeding mommies
  • menstruation


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