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Baby Rose by Sugardollbynn

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Baby Rose by Sugardollbynn

The hair of babies and kids are very short as well as delicate. They also need proper grooming. Baby Rose is specially designed to provide care and attention to kids and babies hair.

Grow my hair baby shampoo is enriched with Viatenza Grape Seed Oil to help nourish without drying or damaging baby's delicate skin. This tear-free, hypoallergenic formula rinses clean, leaving a soft floral fragrance. Gentle enough for newborn's and baby's skin.


  • Gentle Cleansing - Baby Rose hair shampoo will gently cleanse the baby hair by not causing any harm to them. As it contains mild ingredients so it is suitable for the hairs of the baby. It will also maintain moisture levels of the scalp and will prevent it from excess drying.
  • No Tears FormulaBaby Rose hair shampoo contains no tears formula for being safer on your baby’s eyes. Its ingredients or composition will not cause any harm to your baby’s hairs and scalp.
  • Softer HairThe hairs of newborn babies are already soft and smooth but using a specially designed baby shampoo will make them even softer and smoother. It is recommended by child specialist doctors also to use mild shampoo for the baby hairs.
  • Pleasant FragranceApplying Baby Rose hair shampoo will also leave a pleasant fragrance in your baby hairs. A sweet aroma will add beauty and attraction to your baby’s scalp.
  • Minimize Irritation and DrynessBaby Rose hair shampoo will minimize the risk of irritation and dryness in your baby’s hairs. It will also prevent any type of redness from coming at your baby’s hairs.


  • Pour into hand or washcloth and apply to scalp and hair.
  • Lather, rinse and towel dry. If it gets into baby's eyes, quickly rinse away with water.


Grow my hair baby oil contains abyssinica seed oil which is chosen to be the main strength in helping to fasten the process of hair growth and also promotes thicker hair strands. Infused with floral scents, this baby oil aims to soften for a tangled free hair while giving it a natural healthy shine. Mild and natural origin surfactant. Mineral oil and paraban free.


  • Apply onto scalp and make a light massage to help oil to be fully absorbed into the scalp. Can be used daily, best to apply consistently before bedtime.


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