I understand some of you have been wanting to try out doing online business. But have no idea on where to begin, how to begin, no knowledge nor skills to start with. But hey, everyone starts somewhere which is nowhere - even Steve Jobs.

I feel you and i definitely understand your struggle. It’s not easy but it’s not hard either, trust me. There’s gonna be alot of trials and errors, alot of sweat, alot of cries, alot of breakdowns, alot of “wanna give up” throughout the journey. But all of these babysteps are gonna shape you at the end of the day - to be your own Boss ✨ To be working from home, or from your own office/space. To have alot of free time on your hands for your loved ones, as you don’t have a boss to report to (one of the best feeling eva). To be able to help your loved ones especially our folks so that they can enjoy their golden days, resting, relaxing and rocking their chair at home. Not to forget, having a comfortable life for yourself and your family.

If you’d like to start somewhere, fret not cause i am here to help you start up your online business. You’ll get to learn many things along the way, learn new skills, meet new business acquintances and grow your own brand too! There’s so many that we can learn from one another. Someday you’re gonna look back and realise that you loved every part of your online journey.

Enjoy your time doing online at your own convenience. Don’t be shy and come text me @ 9894 4396! I’m Wani by the way. Can’t wait to hear from you soon 🖤